Doxacast Episode #7 – Leah & Alexi

Daniel Silver talks with Leah Libresco & Alexi Sargeant today about their Doxacon 2018 talks as well as some articles they’ve written and their thoughts on some books they’ve read.

You can find Alexi’s article here


Doxacast #6 – Harry Potter and the Harrowing of Hades

Your hosts Daniel Silver and Addie Mena discuss Harry Potter, is it evil? Should we read it? Is Harry a Christ figure? What is the role of redemption in this series?

Doxacast #4 — May The Phos (τὸ φῶς) Be with You

Our hosts Daniel Silver and Addie Mena discuss the original Star Wars trilogy — about similarities between the Jedi and real world monastic orders, how the Force (or “the Phos”) can shape our view of the universe as Christians, and about the clash between religion and technology in the Star Wars universe.